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I am Inderjeet Kaur, and I am dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential and achieve success. My journey to becoming a Certified Life & Success Coach, graduating from Jay Shetty Certification School, has allowed me to blend my expertise and passion for helping others.


"Transforming One Million Dreams into Reality, Together."

At NJU Coaching & Consulting Services, our mission is to transform one million dreams into reality, together. We are dedicated to empowering millennial leaders to shape the future of business, life, and career. We believe in helping you find your true passion and purpose because it's only by understanding yourself that you can live your dream life. Our vision is to foster a world where every individual, with the desire to succeed, reaches their full potential. Through personalized coaching and holistic guidance, we can help you navigate your unique journey to achieve your dreams.


"Empowering Millennial Leaders to Shape the Future of Business and Life."

Our vision is to foster a world where every millennial discovers their true passion and purpose, charting a course for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment. We imagine a future where individuals harness their inner potential, breaking barriers, and steering the course of business and life in innovative directions. Our aspiration is to cultivate a community of empowered millennials who, having found their unique paths, blaze trails of success, setting new standards, and leaving a lasting impact on their endeavors and the generations to come.

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